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Fertility Counsellor Profile – Ann Bracken


Ann Bracken MA, Grad Dip, PG Dip., AMBACP, AMIACP, AMBICA

Fertility Counsellor & Author & Mindfulness Based Cognitive Psychotherapist

Qualified and Certified in:

Specialist Fertility Counselling

Fertility Mind Body Programme Trainer

Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy – CBT

Mindfulness Teacher/Trainer

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction – MBSR

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

Clinical & Integrative Supervisor

Yoga Teacher

Nutritional Therapy

EMDR Trauma Therapist

Online Counselling


A message from your therapist.

“Having worked for many years supporting individuals and couples to be self-empowered on their fertility journey, I understand that the emotional and psychological care of the person is as important as the clinical treatment they undertake.

The wish to have a child is one of our most natural and deep felt desires and unanticipated difficulties conceiving often lead to problems in our relationships, self-esteem, wellbeing and emotional and psychological health. It is understandable that our individual sense of self or our relationships with others suffer when facing significant fertility tests, treatments and outcomes.

Research shows that 4% of a general population have experience of depression or anxiety; significantly 38% of women undertaking fertility treatment experience clinical depression and/or anxiety (Domar, 2005). Many more experience other difficult emotions including stress, grief and loss, anger or jealousy. The good news is that Fertility Counselling can help you in overcoming these symptoms and issues whilst also supporting and enhancing your fertility health.

I integrate many years experience of specialized fertility counseling, clinical research and a full understanding of the fertility treatment processes together to support you and benefit your psychological, emotional and overall sense of wellbeing. Therapy is provided via Online Skype/Facetime or Telephone Counselling.
Begin your journey of overall fertility self care and positive psychological and mind-body health support by booking your appointment. I look forward to meeting with you.” Ann.

To arrange an Online Skype/Facetime or Telephone Counselling Appointment – Email:

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Ann Bracken is recognised as a leading protagonist in the area of Fertility Counselling. Her most recent book, ‘Mind Body Baby (Yellow Kite publishers) integrates Mindfulness, CBT Psychotherapy, nutrition and Mind/Body practices to support couples and individuals as they journey through the challenges and joys of natural and assisted fertility.

A lecturer in the department of Psychology at Glyndwr University, Ann previously worked as Senior Fertility Counsellor at the world-renowned Lister Fertility Clinic, part of The Lister Hospital, Chelsea and for Sims IVF as part of Virtus Health, Worldwide clinics. As a certified Fertility Mind Body Programme Trainer, Ann writes, delivers and facilitates workshops and training programmes for both clients and practitioners. Ann regularly writes and contributes features and articles in many publications and broadcasts on psychological health and wellbeing.

Ann holds post graduate qualifications in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy, Clinical Supervision and is accredited with the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy, the British Infertility Counselling Association and the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. In addition, Ann completed her Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Teacher Training in Bangor University, Wales and is a graduate of Dublin City University, Ireland and Salford University, UK. Ann has undertaken in-depth research into the impact of infertility problems on the psychological health, quality of life and welfare of couples and individuals and provides evidence based counselling treatment and resources informed by these research findings. Email Ann directly on: appointments@annbrackentherapy.com
Fertility Counselling can support you in overcoming…
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  • Stress relating to testing and treatment
  • Anxious thoughts and feelings relating to decision making processes
  • Low mood or depression
  • Negative predictions about the future
  • Unhelpful self or other (partner) beliefs following a negative outcome or challenging test result
  • Managing & Stress Reduction during the 2 week wait (IUI & IVF)
  • Social isolation
  • Guilt, anger or envy relating to the situation
  • Relationship issues
  • Implications counselling relating to donor treatment
  • Stress reduction during pregnancy following fertility treatment

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