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Fertility Low Mood & Stress Test

This questionnaire will highlight the impact of fertility problems on your emotional and psychological health and overall wellbeing. It can also highlight specific areas for therapeutic focus.

Thinking about how you have thought and felt over the past month, please read and highlight the answer that best describes how you have felt. Go with the answer that feels most intuitively right.


I feel stressed and uptight

 Most of the time – in my mind & body

 Often – and it lingers

 Occasionally – but it passes quickly

 Rarely – I feel relaxed


I feel content and enjoy the things I enjoyed as much as I did before I had fertility issues

 Definitely true

 Not quite so much

 Only slightly

 Not really at all


When attending for fertility tests or treatment, I think the worst will happen

 Absolutely, and increasingly so

 Sometimes, but not strongly

 Occasionally, but its more of a concern than a worry

 Never, I feel hopeful


I still enjoy my friends, family and relationship as much as I did before fertility problems

 Yes, I definitely enjoy them & have fun

 Not really, but I make an effort to see them

 Hardly ever, and I use excuses not to see them

 These days I rarely enjoy them


I have worrying thoughts relating to fertility (past, present & future)

 A great deal of the time

 A lot of the time

 From time to time but not too often

 Only occasionally


When I think of a friend or family member getting pregnant, I

 feel really sad and think that they don’t deserve it

 feel sad for myself but think, ‘it could be me some day’

 Overall happy for them but disappointed for me

 Delighted to hear their news


I enjoy ‘time out’ and relax easily

 As often as possible

 Tends to be true

 Rarely, these days

 Never, its so hard to still my mind & body


I lack motivation to do things outside my ‘essential’ to do list relating to fertility treatment or testing

 Nearly all the time

 Very often


 Most of the time


When I reflect on my fertility problems, I get a feeling of tightness in my chest and/or feel nauseous

 Not true, I don’t have any adverse physical feelings

 This happens rarely and they’re not strong feelings

 I often experience one or both of these feelings

 These feelings occur regularly


The longer I experience fertility problems, the less I take care of how I look & my overall wellbeing (exercise, eating healthy, meditation, socialising etc)

 This is absolutely true

 This is mostly true

 This is true some of the time

 This is not true, I do take good care of myself, as before


My mind is very busy and I have ‘should… and must do’ thoughts,

 I often think like this

 I regularly think like this

 I rarely think like this

 I never think like this


Although, I’m experiencing fertility problems

 I look forward to a positive future

 Overall, I feel quite positive about the future

 I rarely think positive thoughts about the future

 I don’t feel hopeful about the future


When I consider having any more fertility treatment, I…

 Nearly always feel stressed at the thought

 Often feel stressed at the thought

 Mostly accept that I may need more treatment

 Accept fully that I may need more treatment


When a friend asks me out these days… I

 Say ‘yes’ immediately & arrange to meet up

 Say ‘yes’ sometimes

 Take the call but postpone meeting up

 Avoid the call