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Testimonials & Feedback


“Thanks so much Ann. I have developed my ‘inner carer’ and am far less critical of my partner and myself. It has given us both time to reflect more on the supportive qualities of our relationship.”
—— By Emily


“Thank you for giving me the tools to recognise and calm my anxiety. I felt really understood and am far kinder to myself going through this cycle.”
—— By Julie


“Facing donor sperm treatment was the most challenging experience of my life. What an emotional rollercoaster! You have really helped both of us not just accept where we are at but move forward positively together towards building our family. Thanks Ann.”
—— By John


“Ann, with deepest gratitude for the numerous acts of kindness you showed to myself and xxxxxxx in the past few months and for the part you played in bringing happiness to us, many thanks.”
—— By Couple


“I have found the online therapy really helpful as I am busy enough attending appointments and tests at the clinic! It has been really useful to help me manage feelings of anger and jealousy towards others and also I find the mindfulness very relaxing and am far less harsh on myself.”
—— By Sarah


“I no longer feel overwhelmed. The CBT worksheets have been really useful in helping me to manage emotions and the breathwork created some much needed relaxation time during the two week wait.”
—— By Vera