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Book your Fertility Counselling Online with Ann Bracken with Skype/Facetime Therapy or via Telephone or Email Counselling.
Ann Bracken is an accredited Fertility Counsellor with the British Infertility Counselling Association (AMBICA) and in the provision of Implications Fertility Counselling (including report writing). Ann is also an accomplished fertility specialist Author and Mind-Body Health & Wellness Coach [See Profile page].fengexian

Fertility Counselling – Skype or FaceTime 

Research has shown that Online Counselling provides effective therapeutic support (Journal of Mental Health Counselling, 2007) when combined with CBT. Ann Bracken, Fertility Counsellor & Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist provides Online counselling sessions via Skype or Apple FaceTime.

How does Online Counselling work?

You will provide your Skype Contact name (download free on wwww.skype.com) or Apple FaceTime Number on your Appointment Booking Form 
It is important that you have privacy and you choose a space where you will be free from interruption for your online counselling session. It is also important that you have high res internet connection and a webcam on your computer.

Skype/Facetime Therapy Online Fees (in euros/stg/dollars)

  • 1 Hour Fertility Counselling therapeutic session, £70 stg – €70 euro


Telephone Counselling

 Ann will telephone you at the agreed date/time. It is helpful to provide some background information on the issues you would like to resolve. I request this via email in advance of our session. 

Telephone Fertility Counselling Fees (in euros/stg/dollars)

  • 1 Hour Fertility Counselling Therapy session (Telephone), £70 stg – €70 euro


Email Counselling

Email Counselling offers the opportunity to consider the problem you are having, email your concerns, and receive a therapeutic email response that includes therapeutic support sheets attached. 
If you decide to book email counselling, it is recommended that you open a confidential email address with www.safe-mail.net or other secure, encrypted mail server.

All emails receive a therapeutic email response within 48 hours unless alternative arrangements have been made with the Fertility Counsellor

Email Counselling Fees (in euros/stg/dollars)

    • 3 emails received from you – therapeutic responses x 3 (6 Emails)
      £150 stg

* Please note Paypal will provide up to date daily exchange rate at point of payment.